Volume 5, Number 2, 2013


Symposia. Pragmatism and the Social Dimension of Doubt: Fresh Perspectives

Guest editor: Mathias Girel (École normale supérieure – Paris)

M. Girel, From Doubt to its Social Articulation: Pragmatist Insights (pdf)

O. Tinland, The Pragmatist Skepsis as a Social Practice. Skepticism, Irony and Cultural Politics in Rorty’s Philosophy (pdf)

M. Sleat, Justification, Pluralism and Pragmatism: The Problems and Possibilities of a Peircian Epistemic Justification of Liberalism (pdf)

M. Marletta, Dogmatism, Learning and Scientific Practice (pdf)

F. Kellogg, The Social Dimension of Legal Uncertainty: Reconciling Law and Science in the Formative Years of Pragmatism (pdf)

A. Fiala, Political Skepticism and Anarchist Themes in the American Tradition (pdf)


Symposium on Cheryl Misak’s The American Pragmatists, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013

J. Margolis, Some Remarks on Cheryl Misak’s The American Pragmatists (pdf)

S. Madelrieux, Interfamilial Issues (pdf)

S. Levine, Does James have a Place for Objectivity? A Response to Misak (pdf)

C. Misak, Reply to Margolis, Madelrieux and Levine (pdf)



J. Fennell, Davidsonian Naturalism and “A-Ontological” Philosophy of Mind (pdf)

Steven A. Miller, On Instruments and Aesthetics: A Possible Deweyan Inconsistency (pdf)



J. M. Albrecht, Reconstructing Individualism: A Pragmatist Tradition from Emerson to Ellison, New York, Fordham UP, 2012 (reviewed by A. Reynolds) (pdf)

C. Hookway, The Pragmatic Maxim: Essays on Peirce and Pragmatism, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2012 (reviewed by G. Gava) (pdf)

J. J. Kaag, Idealism, Pragmatism, and Feminism: The Philosophy of Ella Lyman Cabot, Lanham, MD, Lexington Books, 2011 (reviewed by M. A. Foust) (pdf)

D. Morse, Faith in Life. John Dewey’s Early Philosophy, Fordham University Press, New York, 2011 (reviewed by R. Gronda) (pdf)


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