Volume 8, Number 2 2016


Pragmatism and the Writing of History

Editors: Roberto Gronda (Università di Pisa), Tullio Viola (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)

♦ R. Gronda, T. Viola, Editors’s Introduction: Pragmatism and the Writing of History (pdf)

♦ C. Ambrosio, The Historicity of Peirce’s Classification of the Sciences (pdf)

♦ V. Colapietro, The Historical Past and the Dramatic Present:
Toward a Pragmatic Clarification of Historical Consciousness (pdf)

♦ A. Topa, “I Have To Confess I Cannot Read History So,”
On the Origins and Development of Peirce’s Philosophy of History (pdf)

♦ S. Niklas, The Anticipated Past in Historical Inquiry:
A. O. Lovejoy, C. I. Lewis and E. Wind on Accounting for Knowledge of the Past Within a Pragmatist Theory (pdf)

♦ D. R. Huebner, History and Social Progress: Reflections on Mead’s Approach to History (pdf)

♦ A. Abbott, Development and Difference: Pragmatism and the Social Process (pdf)

♦ V. Tozzi, Dewey, Mead, John Ford, and the Writing of History:
Pragmatist Contributions to Narrativism (pdf)

♦ O. Laas, Toward Truthlikeness in Historiography (pdf)

♦ J. Gorman, The Need for Quinean Pragmatism in the Theory of History  (pdf)

♦ D. L. Marshall, Historical and Philosophical Stances:
Max Harold Fisch, A Paradigm for Intellectual Historians (pdf)

♦ C. O. O’Donnell, Reading Allan Marquand’s “On Scientific Method in the Study of Art”  (pdf)

♦ A. Marquand, On Scientific Method in the Study of Art (pdf)

♦ T. Viola, Genesis and Geltung: An Interview with Hans Joas (pdf)

♦ R. Gronda, T. Viola, Histoires pragmatiques: A Conversation with Simona Cerutti and Yves Cohen (pdf)

♦ B. Settis, Francis Chateauraynaud and Yves Cohen (eds.), Histoires pragmatiques,
Paris, Éditions de l’École des hautes études en sciences sociales, 2016 (pdf)



♦ D. E. Pfeifer, Josiah Royce Influenced Charles Peirce (pdf)

♦ J. M. Hall, Logical Theatrics, or Floes on Flows:
Translating Quine with the Shins (pdf)



♦ “What is happening to the Peirce Project?” Interview with André De Tienne
by Michelle Bella and Giovanni Maddalena (pdf)


Book Reviews

♦ Bonfantini, Fabbrichesi, Zingale (a cura di), Su Peirce. Interpretazioni, ricerche,
prospettive, Milano, Bompiani, 2015, (reviewed by C. Cristalli) (pdf)

♦ Carlin Romano, America the Philosophical, New York, Random House, 2012,
(reviewed by G. Maddalena) (pdf)

♦ Ulf Zackariasson (ed.), Action, Belief and Inquiry: Pragmatist Perspectives on Science,
Society and Religion, Nordic Studies in Pragmatism 3, Helsinki, Nordic Pragmatism
Network, 2015, (reviewed by Á. M. Faerna)  (pdf)



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