Volume 7, number 1, 2015

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Symposia. The Pragmatist Method:
New Challenge for the Social and Human Sciences

Editors: Tanja Bogusz (Humbolt Universität), Roberto Frega (IMM-CNRS), Albert Ogien (IMM-CNRS)

T. Bogusz, R. Frega, A. Ogien, Introduction (pdf)

S. Beck, The Problem of Expertise: From Experience to Skilful Practices to Expertise. Ecological and Pragmatist Perspectives (pdf)

A. M. Nieddu, “The Universal Meanings of Common Discourse”: Intrasubjective and Intersubjective Communication In George H. Mead (pdf)

R. M. Calcaterra, Categorical Ways of Acting. Remarks on C. I. Lewis’ Amendment of Kantian a priori (pdf)

R. Frega, The Normative Structure of the Ordinary (pdf)

A. Ogien, Pragmatism’s Legacy to Sociology Respecified (pdf)

C. Gayet-Viaud, Civility and Democracy (pdf)

R. Gronda, Normativity and Objectivity: The Semantic Nature of Objects and the Potentiality of Nature (pdf)

A. Hetzel, Ethics, Knowledge, and the Rule-Following: A Pragmatist View (pdf)

A. Bidet, F. Chave, From Pragmatism to Today’s Work Dramas: The Ethicized and Public Dimensions of Work (pdf)

R. Brigati, Staging the Truth: Psychoanalysis and Pragmatism (pdf)



E. G. Rigney, T. C. lundy, From a Pragmatist’s Point of View: George Herbert Mead’s Unattributed Review of Theodore Merz’s A History of European Thought in the Nineteenth Century (pdf)

J. Garrison, Nietzsche, Dewey, and the Artistic Creation of Truth (pdf)


Let Me Tell You a Story: Heroes and Events of Pragmatism

Interview with Hilary Putnam, by M. Bella and A. Boncompagni (pdf)



T. M. Alexander, The Human Eros: Eco-ontology and the Aesthetics of Existence, New York, Fordham University Press, 2013 (reviewed by C. Morris) (pdf)

E. Fraenfelder, M. Striano, S. Oliverio eds., Il pensiero di John Dewey tra psicologia, filosofia,pedogagia. Prospettive interdisciplinari, Napoli, Fridericiana Editrice Universitaria 2013 (reviewed by G. Baggio) (pdf)

M. Grossman, Art and Morality: Essays in the Spirit of George Santayana, ed. by Martin A. Coleman, New York, Fordham university Press, 2014 (reviewed by G. Tiller) (pdf)


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