Volume 6, number 2, 2014

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Symposia. Language or Experience:
Charting Pragmatism’s Course for the 21st Century

Editor: David L. Hildebrand (University of Colorado)

D. L. Hildebrand, Introduction (pdf)

M. Johnson, Experiencing Language: What’s Missing in Linguistic Pragmatism? (pdf)

C. Misak, Language and Experience for Pragmatism (pdf)

J. R. O’Shea, A Tension in Pragmatist and Neo-Pragmatist Conceptions
of Meaning and Experience

T. M. Alexander, Linguistic Pragmatism and Cultural Naturalism: Noncognitive Experience, Culture, and the Human Eros (pdf)

J. Margolis, Richard Rorty Contra Rorty and John Dewey (pdf)

R. Dreon, Dewey on Language: Elements for a Non-Dualistic Approach (pdf)

J. Capps, Radical Pragmatism: An Operator’s Guide (pdf)

C. Koopman, Conduct Pragmatism: Pressing Beyond Experientialism and Lingualism (pdf)

J. Volbers, Language or Experience? – That’s not the Question: A Case for Reflexivity (pdf)

G. Pappas, What Difference Can “Experience” Make to Pragmatism? (pdf)


R. M. Mayorga, Charles Peirce and Cuba (pdf)

Y. Jiang, B. Zhong, Peirce Studies in China in the 21th Century (pdf)

R. Herdy, The Origin and Growth of Peirce’s Ethics: A Categorial Analysis (pdf)

A. Sackson, Avoiding Broken Noses: How “Pragmatic” was the Philosophy of Thomas Reid? (pdf)

Let Me Tell You a Story: Heroes and Events of Pragmatism

Interview with Joseph Margolis (pdf)


N. Rescher, Pragmatism. The Restoration of Its Scientific Roots, New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers, 2012; The Pragmatic Vision. Themes in Philosophical Pragmatism, Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2014 (reviewed by R. Gronda)  (pdf)

M. Harmtmann, J. Liptow, M. Willaschek (eds.), Die Gegenwart des Pragmatismus, Suhrkamp: Berlin 2013 (reviewed by G. Gava) (pdf)

G. Marchetti, La contingenza dei fatti e l’oggettività dei valori, Mimesis, Milano – Udine 2013 (reviewed by M. Santarelli) (pdf)

G. Gava, Peirce’s Account of Purposefulness: A Kantian Perspective, London and New York: Routledge, 2014 (reviewed by M. Bergman) (pdf)

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