Volume 5, Number 1, 2013

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Symposia. Pragmatism and Creativity

Guest editors: Giovanni Maddalena (University of Molise, Italy), Fernando Zalamea (National University, Colombia)


G. Maddalena, F. Zalamea, Introduction (pdf)

S. Barrena, Reason and Imagination in Charles S. Peirce (pdf)

R. Mollard, The Role of Imagination in James’s and Dewey’s Understanding of Religious Experience (pdf)

M.D. Tschaepe, The Creative Moment of Scientific Apprehension: Understanding the Consummation of Scientific Explanation through Dewey and Peirce (pdf)

J. Toro, The Philosopher as a Child of His Own Time: Rorty on Irony and Creativity (pdf)

F. Zalamea, Plasticity and Creativity in the Logic Notebook (pdf)

G. Maddalena, Creative Gestures: A Pragmatist View (pdf)

V. Colapietro, Time as Experience/Experience as Temporality: Pragmatic and Perfectionist Reflections on Extemporaneous Creativity (pdf)

M.R. Brioschi, How Novelty Arises from Fields of Experience: A Comparison Between W. James and A.N. Whitehead (pdf)


Symposium on Dewey’s Unmodern Philosophy and Modern Philosophy, edited and with an introduction by P. Deen, Southern Illinois University Press, Carbondale, 2012

R. Gronda, Introduction (pdf)

L.A. Hickman, John Dewey’s Critique of Our “Unmodern” Philosophy (pdf)

P. Deen, Pragmatist Historiography in Unmodern Philosophy and Modern Philosophy (pdf)

P. Steiner, The Nature of the Modern Mind. Some Remarks on Dewey’s Unmodern Philosophy and Modern Philosophy (pdf)

R. Gronda, From Mythology to Logic: Dewey’s View of Modernity and the Linguistic Nature of Experience (pdf)



R. Dreon, Was Art as Experience Socially Effective? Dewey, the Federal Art Project and Abstract Expressionism (pdf)

I.A. Ibri, Neopragmatism Viewed by Pragmaticism, A Redescription (pdf)

R. Madzia, Chicago Pragmatism and the Extended Mind Theory: Mead and Dewey on the Nature of Cognition (pdf)

T. Solymosi, J. Shook, Neuropragmatism: A Neurophilosophical Manifesto (pdf)



J. Lachs, Stoic Pragmatism, Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 2012 (reviewed by M.C. Flamm) (pdf)

J. Medina, The Epistemology of Resistance, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012 (reviewed by R. Frega) (pdf)

B. Hollstein, M. Jung, W. Knöbl, (Hg.), Handlung und Erfahrung. Das Erbe von Historismus und Pragmatismus und die Zukunft der Sozialtheorie [Action and experience. The legacy of Pragmatism and Historism and the future of Social Theory], Frankfurt a.M., Campus, 2011 (reviewed by A. Hetzel) (pdf)


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