Volume 4, Number 1, 2012

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Symposia. “Pragmatism and the Social Sciences: A Century of Influences and Interactions, vol. 2″

Guest editors: Roberto Frega (CEMS/EHESS), Filipe Carreira da Silva (University of Lisbon)

Roberto Frega, Filipe Carreira da Silva, Editorial Note (pdf)

Section I. Classical Pragmatists and contemporary sociology

Tullio Viola, Peirce and Iconology: Habitus, Embodiment, and the Analogy between Philosophy and Architecture (pdf)

Tanja Bogusz, Experiencing Practical Knowledge: Emerging Convergences of Pragmatism and Sociological Practice Theory (pdf)

Philippe Gonzalez & Laurence Kaufmann, The Social Scientist, the Public, and the Pragmatist Gaze. Exploring the Critical Conditions of Sociological Inquiry (pdf)

Section II. Law, Power, and the prospects of a pragmatist social theory

Christoph Henning, Naturalistic Values and Progressive Politics. A Missing Link Between Pragmatism and Social Theory (pdf)

Frederic R. Kellogg, American Pragmatism and European Social Theory: Holmes, Durkheim, Scheler, and the Sociology of Legal Knowledge (pdf)

Joel Wolfe, Does Pragmatism Have A Theory of Power? (pdf)

Molly Cochran, Pragmatism and International Relations:A Story of Closure and Opening (pdf)

Seth Vannatta, Between Science and Fiction: Pragmatism and Conservatism in History and Law (pdf)

Section III. Contemporary appropriations

Frithjof Nungesser, Three Dimensions of the Sociality of Action. Some Reflections based on the Cultural Psychology of Michael Tomasello and Sociological Pragmatism (pdf)

Mats Bergman, Pragmatism as a Communication-Theoretical Tradition: An Assessment of Craig’s Proposal (pdf)

Walter Feinberg, Critical Pragmatist and the Reconnection of Science and Values in Educational Research (pdf)

A Symposium on R. Shusterman, Pragmatist Aesthetics 20 years later

Paolo D’Angelo, Pragmatist Aesthetics by Richard Shusterman: A bridge between the analytics and continentals (pdf)

Heidi Salaverría, Enjoying the Doubtful On Transformative Suspensions in Pragmatist Aesthetics (pdf)

Krystyna Wilkoszewska, Remarks On Richard Shusterman’s Pragmatist Aesthetics (pdf)

Roberta Dreon, Pragmatist Aesthetics, twenty years later. Understanding Interpretation, Interpreting Understanding (pdf)

Richard Shusterman, Reviewing Pragmatist Aesthetics: History, Critique, and Interpretation – After Twenty Years (pdf)


Maria Luisi, Pragmatism, Ethics and Democracy (pdf)

James Tartaglia, Does Rorty’s Pragmatism Undermine Itself? (pdf)

Book Review

M. Aboulafia, Transcendence On self-determination and Cosmopolitanism. Stanford, Stanford University Press, 2010 (reviewed by Roberto Frega) (pdf)

H.Bergson, Sur le pragmatisme de William James, ed. by S. Madelrieux, Paris PUF, 2011 (reviewed by Sarin Marchetti) (pdf)

Alfred North Withehead, Processo e Realidade. Ensaio de Cosmologia, translation and introduction by Maria Teresa Teixeira, Lisboa, Centro de Filosofia da Universidade de Lisboa, 2010 (reviewed by Elisabete M. de Sousa) (pdf)

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