Volume 3, Number 2, 2011

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Symposia. “Pragmatism and the Social Sciences: A Century of Influences and Interactions”, vol. 1

Guest editors: Roberto Frega (IEA Paris), Filipe Carreira da Silva (University of Lisbon)

Roberto Frega, Filipe Carreira da Silva, Editor’s Introduction to The Symposia (pdf)

Section I. Pragmatism and the Margins of Mainstream Social Sciences

Peter Manicas, American Social Science: The Irrelevance of Pragmatism (pdf)

Patrick Baert, Neo-Pragmatism and Phenomenology: A Proposal (pdf)

Eugene Halton, Pragmatic E-Pistols (pdf)

Section II. Empowering the Margins of Society

Susan Haack, Pragmatism, Law, and Morality: The Lessons of Buck v. Bell (pdf)

Patricia Hill Collins, Piecing Together a Genealogical Puzzle: Intersectionality and American Pragmatism (pdf)

Bill E. Lawson, Of President Barack H. Obama and Others: Public Policy, Race-talk, and Pragmatism (pdf)

Section III. Pragmatist Appropriations

Mitchell Aboulafia, Through the Eyes of Mad Men: Simulation, Interaction, and Ethics (pdf)

Louis Quéré, Towards a social externalism: Pragmatism and ethnomethodology (pdf)

James Johnson, Between Political Inquiry and Democratic Faith: A Pragmatist Approach to Visualizing Publics (pdf)

Kenneth W. Stikkers, Dewey, Economic Democracy, and the Mondragon Cooperatives (pdf)

David H. Brendel, Can Patients and Psychiatrists be Friends?: a Pragmatist Viewpoint (pdf)

A Symposium on Richard Bernstein’s The Pragmatic Turn, Polity Press, Cambridge, 2010

Organiser: Roberto Frega (IEA Paris)

Roberto Frega, Richard Bernstein and the challenges of a broadened pragmatism (pdf)

James R. O’Shea, Objective Truth and the Practice Relativity of Justification in the Pragmatic Turn (pdf)

Ramón del Castillo, A Pragmatic Party. On Richard Bernstein’s The Pragmatic Turn (pdf)

Sarin Marchetti, Richard J. Bernstein on Ethics and Philosophy between the Linguistic and the Pragmatic Turn (pdf)

Richard Bernstein, Continuing the Conversation (pdf)


David Ludwig, Beyond Physicalism and Dualism? Putnam’s Pragmatic Pluralism and the Philosophy of Mind (pdf)

Vitaly Kiryushchenko, Logic, Ethics and Aesthetics: Some Consequences of Kant’s Critiques in Peirce’s Early Pragmatism (pdf)

Giovanni Tuzet, Legal Judgment as a Philosophical Archetype: A Pragmatist Analysis of Three Theses (pdf)

Book Review

Rosa M. Calcaterra, New Perspectives on Pragmatism and Analytic Philosophy, Rodopi,   Amsterdam-Ney York, 2001, by Anna Boncompagni (pdf)

Filipe Carreira da Silva, Mead and Modernity. Science, Selfhood and Democratic Politics, Lanham MD: Lexington Books 2008. By Anna M. Nieddu (pdf)

George Herbert Mead, The Philosophy of Education, Paradigm Publishers, 2008, edited and introduced by Gert Biesta and Daniel Tröhler. By Filipe Carreira da Silva. (pdf)

J. R. Shook and J. A. Good, John Dewey’s Philosophy of Spirit, with the 1897 Lecture on Hegel, Fordham University Press, New York 2010, pp. 197, by Roberto Gronda. (pdf)

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