Volume 2, Number 1, 2010

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Symposia. “Individuals”
Guest editor: Anthony J. Graybosch, California State University, Chico


Susan Haack, The Differences that Make a Difference: William James on the Importance of Individuals (pdf)

Rosa M. Calcaterra, Epistemology of the self in a pragmatic mood (pdf)

Rossella Fabbrichesi, The Body of the Community: Peirce, Royce, and Nietzsche (pdf)

Robert Main, From Fancy Amoeba to Fallible Self: Peirce’s Evolutionary Theory of Human Persons (pdf)

Olav Bryant Smith, The Social Self of Whitehead’s Organic Philosophy (pdf)

Jeroen Gerrits, Disagreement as Duty: On the Importance of the Self and Friendship in Cavell’s Morals Philosophy (pdf)

Andrea Punzi, The Practice of the Circle. Individual, World, Permanence in Ralph Waldo Emerson (pdf)

Heidi White, William James’s Pragmatism: Ethics and The Individualism of Others (pdf)

Anthony J. Graybosch, Saints? (in lieu of a preface) (pdf)


Sami Pihlström, Nordic Pragmatism (pdf)

Susi Ferrarello, On the Rationality of Will in James and Husserl (pdf)

Barbara Thayer-Bacon, A Pragmatist and Feminist Relational (e)pistemology (pdf)

Book Reviews

Sami Pihlström and Henrik Rydenfelt, Pragmatist Perspectives. Acta Philosophica Fennica 86, The Philosophical Society of Finland, Helsinki, 2009 (pdf)

Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley, Josiah Royce in Focus, Indiana University Press, Bloomington, 2008, pp. 214 (pdf)


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