Volume 1, Number 1, 2009

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Europe and American Pragmatism: influences and interactions


Foreword (pdf)

Vincent Colapietro, A Revised Portrait of Human Agency (pdf)

Rossella Fabbrichesi, Nietzsche and James. A Pragmatist Hermeneutics (pdf)

Larry Hickman, Why American Philosophy? Why Now? (pdf)

Christopher Hookway, Lotze and the Classical Pragmatists (pdf)

Sandra Laugier, Transcendentalism and the Ordinary (pdf)

Joseph Margolis, Constructing a Person: A Clue to the New Unity of the Arts and Sciences (pdf)

Michele Marsonet, Pragmatism and Political Pluralism (pdf)

Jaime Nubiola, Sara Barrena, Charles Peirce’s First Visit to Europe, 1870-71 (pdf)

Fernando Zalamea, Peirce and Latin American “razonabilidad”: forerunners of Transmodernity (pdf)


Rosaria Egidi, Von Wright’s Philosophical Humanism (pdf)

Book Reviews

Colin Koopman, Pragmatism as Transition. Historicity and Hope in James, Dewey, and Rorty, Columbia University Press, New York, 2009 (pdf)


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